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There is nothing more delicious than

a fresh batch of Country Boy’s Kettle Corn! 

Country Boy’s Kettle Corn starts off with only the best premium selected Mushroom Style corn kernels. Look at the picture below. See how our premium kernels pop up into huge round mouth filling flakes of crunchy goodness.  Delicious goodness the whole family can enjoy!

Many others use a common Butterfly style kernel for their product. When a Butterfly kernel is used the product results in a flimsy easy to break flake that ends up as crumbs in the bottom of your bag. 
Each one of our batches of country style kettle corn is cooked the old fashioned way - hand stirred over an open flame. This evenly heats the kettle so that the kernels pop at just the right time. We feel this method locks in the country goodness and results in huge round flakes of deliciously crunchy sweetness. Then it's sprinkled with just a little salt to make the tasty treat you'll love to eat. 

That's a Little Taste of Country in Every Bite!

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